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Hello and welcome to Tina's Gourmet Italian Foods and Gifts. My name is Concettina (Tina) Librone. I was born in the
small town of Abruzzi in Italy. I was named after my grandmother, Concetta, a wonderful woman and a great chef.
At the age of only 9 years old, my mother taught me to make pasta. This is a tradition and a prerogative in my
family and my country. Every mother passes down this knowledge to her daughters. I must say that I loved making
fresh pasta for my family very much, especially on Sundays, when my grandmother would come to visit. I felt it was very
important to do my best to impress my grandmother because she was such a good cook.

At the age of 15, I was forced to take a job in a local factory out of necessity to help support my family. I worked at
the factory for 20 years, still cooking for my family every Sunday. After 20 years at the factory, it shut down. It was a
blessing in disguise. This gave me the opportunity to return to my first love, cooking. I went to work for a friend who had
opened a restaurant. I worked there until I met Nino Ceritano, and came with him to the United States in October
of 1999, where I became the head cook at the Bella Vista Restaurant in Pearisburg Virginia. Now I spend my days
doing what I have always loved best, the art of cooking. Now I wish to pass on to you the warmth and beauty of a Sunday
evening meal in Abruzzi.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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